Michael Payne is a regular contributor on sports industry affairs to some of the world's leading media and industry publication, including Financial Times; Fortune; Japan's Asahi Shimbun; SportsPro

Personal Articles

  • Future US Tv Rights - Published Sports Business Pro, May 2010

    • The Most Important Sports Broadcast Deal in 2010!

  • Sharing Thoughts
    A look at four key issues that have impacted the sports marketing industry over the past decade – New Media for Old; Managing Sports Brands; the Olympic Crisis; the collapse of sports agency ISL. 


  • Future of Sport
    A look at the sports marketing industry in 2016 – the evolution of consumer choice; the future challenges for advertisers / sponsors; re-inventing the sports agency; management role for sports federations. 

Financial Times Column

The Financial Times invited Michael Payne to become a guest columnist during the London 2012 Olympics - providing a unique insight into the key issues facing the Organizers as the Games progressed. Detailed below is a cross section from various columns:

Sports Pro

Fortune Articles

In January 2008 Fortune China commissioned Michael Payne to write a series of articles on the impact of the Olympic Games to China.

  1. The Beijing Olympic Games - So what will it mean for China?

  2. The Value and Equity of the Olympic Brand.
    Understanding the Olympic Brand is said by many to be the cornerstone of any successful Olympic Marketing Programme.

  3. Keys to Success.
    Examines the key issues that can make the difference between success and failure in the high stakes game of Olympic sponsorship.

  4. Benefits to the Nation.
    Will there be any benefit to the brands of non sponsors, will the benefit focus mainly on Beijing, or will the economic returns spread throughout the whole nation? And as it is the world's media - whose commentary will ultimately dictate how the World views and remembers the host nation and these Games - that will set the agenda on how China is seen and understood around the world, this article also examines the impact of media coverage and how before nearly every Games, international press coverage is nearly always universally negative towards the Host Nation, and only once the Games start, does the media coverage turn positive, and all of the negative reporting forgotten after the Closing Ceremonies.

  5. Games Time Operations.
    After years of planning, hundreds of million of dollars of investment, as the athletes step forward on to the world stage, so do the sponsors. Like the athletes, the sponsors have also been training for this moment - some will be ready to take full advantage of the occasion, others will risk slipping and failing, because they did not prepare their operations properly for the pressures and strains of Games time. The line between success and failure can be a very fine one.

  6. Post Olympics - What Next? 
    Looks at what happens to the Sports Marketing Industry in China after the Olympic Games.

    The focus on Olympic marketing programmes over the past 7 years will has brought  sports marketing into the main stream marketing agenda in China. A broad cross section of Chinese companies have been exposed to the potential benefits and challenges of using sports marketing to build their brand and expand business opportunities. How will the industry develop after the Olympics? What will be the new properties that will help Chinese companies develop their presence and reputation on the global stage? What will be the local events, that will help to build local brand loyalty?