Chapter 10: Coming Home

In 2004 the Olympic Games would return to their birthplace. The 7 year road getting to Athens, was fraught with problems, and on more than one occasion the IOC had to threaten to withdraw the Games. Greece would eventually understand the global embarrassment and national humiliation that would ensue from losing the Games.

The country would finally embark on a last minute race, in front of a very cynical international media, to complete the preparations, and at the last moment pull everything together, and win global plaudits – and a lesson in ‘on time delivery.’

Greece also represented the culmination of a twenty year marketing strategy – unleashing the full potential of the Olympic brand; establishing new sponsorship levels and record television ratings. The city of Athens would be transformed – and the Olympic Movement would leave Greece, stronger and healthier than at any time in its history, looking forward to China.

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