Chapter 4: The Shoemaker's Vision

To survive, the IOC needed to create a global marketing strategy that would attract some of the world’s leading multinational corporations – from Coca Cola to Swatch and Samsung. The TOP Programme, based on the idea of a German shoemaker, Horst Dassler, the son of the founder of Adidas, would grow to become one of, if not the world’s foremost international marketing programme – establishing global brands; creating and destroying corporate reputations.

An inside look at how companies set about bidding for, winning and losing the Olympic rights. How Coca Cola was accused of orchestrating that their home town, Atlanta would win the 1996 Games over sentimental favourite, Athens. How Samsung created a global brand on the back of the Olympics, trumping Motorola in 72 hours of intensive negotiations. How Visa trumped American Express, in what the CEO of Amex would describe as the greatest mistake he has ever made.

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