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Review of Celebrate Humanity Campaign

Advertising Age’s review of the Celebrate Humanity Campaign

Referring to the silver medal spot, where Yoto Yotov from Bulgaria expressed his delight at winning the silver medal for weightlifting, Bob Garfi ed, the advertising critic for Advertising Age, wrote: ‘Mr Yotov was clearly no Carl Lewis prima donna. He was a little guy who reached his maximum potential before the whole world and gloried in the experience. It is a very charming, very poignant spot that can’t help but move and inspire you. Because – oh yeah – for all the scandals and ugly compromises, the Olympics are moving and inspiring. Also exciting, beautiful, vivid, often dramatic and sometimes breathtaking. It’s no wonder that, quadrennially, the world suspends its disbelief and swoons under the spell of the Olympic euphoria, we buy into the silly methodology that politics are set aside, that competition trumps commerce, that sportsmanship reigns, not because we believe it, because we wish to believe it. It is a spectacle so grand and so rich with majestic moments, we are prepared to forgive it nearly everything … thus does TBWA succeed so well, because this wonderful footage corroborates the myth. It validates our optimism. It permits us, against a large body of evidence, to feel good’.

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